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Armor Lux - Deauville Long Sleeve Sailor Top

Armor Lux - Deauville Long Sleeve Sailor Top

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The long-sleeved sailor top is a timeless garment that has its origins in the uniform of French sailors. It is characterized by its horizontal navy blue stripes. A typical sailor from Deauville, a seaside resort in France, could be described as follows:

  • Colors : A Deauville sailor top is made up of navy blue stripes.

  • Material : The sailor top is traditionally made of high quality cotton to ensure comfort and breathability.

  • Long sleeves : Unlike the short-sleeved version, the Deauville striped top has long sleeves, making it suitable for cooler seasons.

  • Round neck : The sailor top has a round neck, which makes it easy to wear and combine with other clothes.

  • Details : It has buttons at the shoulder to make dressing easier.

The sailor top is a versatile garment that can be worn casually with jeans or a skirt, or more elegantly with dressier pants or skirts. It embodies a timeless, elegant, ocean-inspired style, making it a popular choice for leisure time and beach vacations.

From France

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