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Armor Lux - Heritage High Neck Sweater

Armor Lux - Heritage High Neck Sweater

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The Armor Lux Heritage Stand Collar is a garment that embodies the classic and timeless style of the Armor Lux brand. Here is a description of the Heritage Stand-Up Collar in nature/silver pink color:

  • Design : The Heritage Stand-Up Collar has an elegant and refined design. It stands out with its high collar, which offers a touch of sophistication while keeping your neck warm. The cut is generally fitted for a modern look.

  • Material : This garment is made from high quality materials. Armor Lux is renowned for using durable and comfortable fabrics, often combining cotton for comfort and strength.

  • Color : The main color is “nature”, which evokes a neutral shade, close to off-white or ecru. It is associated with “silver pink” accents, which bring a subtle and feminine touch of color.

  • Logo : The Armor Lux logo can be discreetly affixed to the garment, usually embroidered or printed on a woven label.

  • Versatility : The Heritage Stand Collar is designed to be versatile, being able to be worn alone or under a jacket depending on the weather conditions. It can be combined with various clothing styles, whether casual or dressy.

  • Origin : Armor Lux is a French brand which draws its inspiration from Breton maritime tradition. Her clothing often reflects this heritage with subtle nautical details.

The Armor Lux Collar Montant Heritage in nature/silver pink color is an elegant and versatile choice for those looking for a quality garment, combining comfort and timeless style.

From France

Ref. : 77687/328408

Photo credit: Armor Lux

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