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Lebek - Navy/Camel Coat

Lebek - Navy/Camel Coat

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A coat from the Barbara Lebek brand in navy and camel with a composition including 30% wool is an elegant and warm piece for fall and winter.

This coat has a lot of style with its buttoned closure and collar. It has 2 front pockets, and also an interior pocket.

Here is a typical description of such a coat:

  • Wool Material : The main feature of this coat is its wool material, which makes it warm, soft and comfortable to wear in the cold season.

  • Color Background : The coat has a color background, meaning that most of its surface is in a specific shade.

  • Checkered Pattern : The coat features a checkered pattern, with lines of brown and blue colors that create an attractive geometric design. Tiles vary in size and spacing.

  • Length : The length of the coat can vary, from a classic mid-thigh length to a longer version, such as a duffle coat or trench style coat.

  • Closure : It is usually equipped with a button closure or a zipper to keep the heat inside.

  • Pockets : Coats generally have pockets, either on the sides or inside, for added practicality.

  • Collar : The collar can be varied, from a classic lapel collar to a turtleneck or stand-up collar, depending on the style of the coat.

  • Versatility : A checked wool coat is a versatile piece that can be worn with a variety of outfits, whether for work or play.

  • Maintenance : Wool coats generally require regular maintenance, such as dry cleaning, to keep them in good condition.

This type of coat is often associated with a classic and elegant style, ideal for the cold days of fall and winter. It adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit and can be worn for formal or casual occasions, depending on its cut and length.

Color: Brown background / Shade of beige and blue

Ref. : 30050032

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